Typical constructions we fabricate:

  • foundations and steel outfitting,
  • platforms, walkways, railings,
  • deckhouses, masts, funnels,
  • special equipment and structures
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In Denkho we provide comprehensive steel fabrication and installation services. From the beginning of your project, our team will handle all technical needs and solve challenges to fulfil the highest quality standards and meet dates due to agreements.

We can fabricate constructions up to 8x8x4 m, and restraint of 15 tones overall weight. For structures exceeding these limitations, we can assemble parts adapted to traffic restrictions at the client’s place.

Our team is formed with specialists that have suitable qualifications and training. We adjust and develop our standards to the client’s needs and the authorities’ demands when required.



Services well suitable for ship owners and superintendents, marine service companies and repair yards. We can help you with:

  • comprehensive services for mobilisation, demobilisation and repair projects,
  • structure and special equipment fabrication and installation on-site,
  • on-site supervising, QA, engineering and project management,
  • liaising with authorities, manufacturers and suppliers

In Denkho, we know that clients expect a reliable and robust engineering and fabrication mobilisation team. Based on the practice we gained, we built our support team to assist you wherever you need us – for most challenging projects.

We focus on market needs. We don’t create solutions for trumped-up problems. Instead, following our mission, we support clients in their real challenges.



We provide a broad range of engineering services:

  • class and workshop documentation, arrangements,
  • 3D modelling,
  • advanced product visualisation
  • engineering analyses using the FE method,
  • consulting, technical support, inspections
  • support services tailor-made for engineering offices

Although we have extensive experience, our ambitions are far from overall ship design. We focus on what we do best and support other companies in this. We specialise in on-board constructions, bespoke devices and equipment.

We use different types of software, but each of them is only a tool for us. What count in this work are experience and knowledge. A more delightful software will not design a safe foundation by itself.

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