In our vision, Denkho is a company friendly to employees, their families, customers and anyone who wants to work with us. Although it is still the beginning of the path of our company, but from the very beginning we try to do it well, responsibly and professionally. We rely on standards, systems and procedures specially prepared for our needs.


The basis of our activity is continuous and systematic development. Our staff, including people from the management board, constantly develops their competences and skills. We don’t want our employees to stand still, just as we don’t want our company to stand still. Therefore, we focus strongly on investments in expanding our capabilities and introducing new technologies.


In Denkho every employee has a voice on development way. We are always open to comments from all levels of the company. We want each employee to treat the company as we do on the board, to consider it as their second home.
We also strive to balance the obligations of employees. We believe that loved ones and family are the most important things in our lifes. Therefore, in our activities we take into account the possibility of personal situations and introduce plans for organizing events for entire families.


In Denkho, we try to work in harmony with the environment. Our policy is based on energy savings, waste prevention and the highest production ecology. Our procedures and systems are checked and optimized with respect to that. We believe that everyone can save the environment just by carrying about it and not being indifferent.