About Us

In Denkho, we look beyond the horizon. Enduring and sustainable improvement is the path we have chosen to follow. 



It all began in 2017 in the United Kingdom, Southampton where, as Denkho, we developed our first projects for marine industry customers. Although we started as a design & engineering freelancers, it shortly occurred that these standard services are just a small bit of what customers demand. 

During the next couple of months, we were providing site attendances to support our clients in shipyards and ports around the Globe.

Until the second half of 2019, we had been bounding our work to engineering and consultancy only. At the turn of 2019 and 2020, we’ve got back to our roots and entered the next stage of our plan – development of steel fabrication department and creation of reliable site support team.

So far, we’ve cooperated with over 20 companies and we have participated in over 25 projects across Europe and Asia.


Creating a modern market of maritime subcontractors is an idea that guides us in creating our company.

Before establishing Denkho, we often encountered obstacles that spoiled promising projects of our clients. Unfortunately, these difficulties usually emerged from inadequate communication between subcontractors or poor quality of their work due to lacks in competences.

We decided to change it! By being a comprehensive subcontractor for customers we fulfil our mission and improve industry standards.


• RELIABILITY, and thus, honesty and building the company on relationships. We do not go back when the project becomes uncomfortable.
• SAFETY of our employees, our customers, our company and the environment. This is undoubtedly our priority.
• QUALITY. We don’t like to be ashamed and when someone must make excuses because of us. We control quality at every step of our operations.
• RISK TAKING is a step towards improvement. However, we do not allow ourselves taking risks that may harm our clients. As before – safety is the priority. We plan projects so that nothing will surprise us.