About Us

Ulisse middle deck

In Denkho, we look beyond the horizon. Stable and sustainable development is the path we chose to follow. We strongly rely on innovative management methods, professional managerial staff and a highly experienced production team. We plan every single project with care and diligence. This attitude lets us meet set deadlines efficiently.

We focus on zero waste production. Our team make sure that the conducted work is energy efficient, clean and friendly to the environment. We all benefit from that.

Before Denkho

Our founders met for the first time in junior high school, attending the same classes. Furthermore, they both started to work in shipyards back in the days of their middle school, just after coming of age. It was in 2006 in Gdansk, Poland. After several years of Naval Architecture studies in the meantime and wide range of professional experiences such as operating chemical transport from ships, managing projects for shipbuilding design office and many others, one of them moved to the United Kingdom.

2017-2019 Beginnings

It all began with design services and construction engineering for the shipbuilding and maritime cable industry. First projects developed under the name of Denkho we worked out at the beginning of 2017 in the United Kingdom, Southampton. It was a simple freelance practice then. However, it soon occurred that typical design and engineering services are just a small part of what clients expect. During the next couple of months, we started providing site attendances to support clients in yards and ports around the Globe. We carried out our services in many places in Europe and Asia.


Until recently, we limited ourselves to the design, engineering, project management support and consultancy services. Now, at the turn of 2019 and 2020, we are back to our roots and begin the next stage of our plan – development of advanced steel production department and reliable site support team. This time in Poland.