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Inspired by opportunities given by seas,
we are here to support your business in challenges
that nature brings to us.

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Design & Engineering

Being a modern company drives us to new technologies. The latest software releases, combined with a conservative engineering approach, results in highly reliable constructions we design.

Our clients can rely on solutions optimised precisely for their needs. The documentation provided by us is of the highest quality, always meeting legal and safety requirements. We flexibly adapt standards to the fabrication subcontractor, which gives significant time savings on the project.

Structure Fabrication

Our clients can be sure of high-quality construction we fabricate. Our managers and workers spent many years working in the shipbuilding industry and dealing with plenty of challenges. We have the knowledge and skills that let us complete projects on time and as awaited.

When starting the project, we carry out risk analyses and prepare full project specifications. Thanks to this, our clients obtain a solution that minimises the occurrence of any problems or delays. Proper management of a fabrication project is essential.

Mobilisations & Site Services

We understand that multiple customers look for a trusted subcontractor who can complete the project from conception, through engineering, fabrication, up to installation – regardless of location, quickly and flexibly.

We answer to this need by offering comprehensive on-site construction services. Our client receives full assistance when our team prepare the project from beginning to end. Complete spectrum of engineering, technology, fabrication, installation and commissioning works.