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Inspired by opportunities given by seas,
we are here to support your business in challenges
that nature brings to us.

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Design & Engineering

As a modern marine engineering office, we base our work culture on quality. Our priority is to ensure high-quality documentation and solutions. We always keep it consistent with rules and standards, and on the other hand, easy and clear to get by our clients or production. We optimise each of our designs to keep the lowest possible expenses and adapt construction to the budget plans. Planning is a crucial matter for us when starting work at projects. Optimising work time, properly splitting workforces on projects and foreseeing challenges allow us to save time, stress and money.

Steel Fabrication

Each project is teamwork. Our team consists of passionate people, experienced in the widely-understood offshore and shipbuilding industry. Each of us had been working on international projects that helped to develop our sense of foreseeing challenges and noting problems. We continuously develop our skills and possibilities.

During the whole project time, our production technical department closely cooperates and liaises with client’s representatives, manufacturers, suppliers and authorities. After all, clear information flow in the project is fundamental. Especially in our industry, where project assumptions change even once a few hours. It allows us to lead the project at the management level efficiently and quickly react to sudden events on production.

Mobilisation Site Services

We love challenges. Professionalism, flexibility, as well as technological and construction help, are our distinctive features. We organize our work in a way that each project is executed on time and by arrangements.

Our experienced engineers help with project management, supervising and quality control on-site. Design and engineering for challenging issues is also service we can ensure in any location. Moreover, we secure professional production support with our reliable site team wherever you need us.